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Born in Boundary Street, Halliwell, Bolton, UK in 1958. My Father (Michael McQuiggan) died when I was a toddler, leaving my Mum to care for me and my sister Jeanne on her own. Later on Mum met Walt Hagan and remarried. We moved to Kay Street and that’s where I spent most of my youth. Now have a step-sister and two step-brothers (Marie, Joe and Mike).

Left school aged 16 to serve my time as a car mechanic before moving on to becoming a steel-erector.  Then I moved into car sales for a number of years before becoming a TV & Telephony engineer at the start of the CableTV boon.

Hard graft got me into a supervisory position at work, followed by a management position and eventually I became the general manager for the cable-tv company. Some time later I took an operations-manager position at an engineering company and in 2005 I was offered a position at Armaplate UK which is where I still work today as an Operations Director.

I’ve been married to Sue Swanick since 1981 and together we had 3 kids - Michael, Barry and Sally. Sadly, Michael had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and passed away aged 15.

I now live in Horwich and to be honest, can’t wait to get out of it, lol.

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