Tom McQuiggan’s Webpages

This site contains various bits of text and images relating to me, my family, friends, pets, hobbies, etc, etc. Feel free to browse the site and contact me if you have any comments.

Welcome to my webpages

I started painting in 2004 and struggle to get any better at it. Neverthless, I enjoy the learning process and particularly like Plein Air painting using a little pochade box.


I’ve been interested in motorbikes pretty much all my adult life and I’ve owned about 40 up to now. I’m a fairly loyal Honda fan, but I’ve also tried Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, BMW and even Moto Guzzi.


My Bikes Painting

I can’t imagine a life without music! I remember buying my first Music-Centre from Woolworths in the 70’s. It was a GEC Soundeck and it was also the start of a very long interest in Hi-Fi.

Hi-Fi & Music

I started dabbling in photography when I was a kid and the interest stayed with me throughout my life. All very much at an amateur level and never anything serious - but I’ve always enjoyed the hobby.


UnderCon UnderCon

This is one of my “sadder” hobbies according to everyone else, but I’ve always found them to be fascinating - especially modern combat-sims which are incredibly complex and realistic.


I think it was back in the early 80’s when I began a college course on computing and back then it was strictly green text on a black background, lol. I retained a very strong interest in all things PC.


UnderCon UnderCon

Another “sad” hobby according to some, lol. But personally, I find it very relaxing and interesting. The boats I build are made from wooden kits and can take years to complete. I favour fishing boats.

Model Boat Building

My favourite dogs are Boxers. I think you’d struggle to find a better all-round family pet. Yes, they can be boisterous, but they are incredibly funny, loyal, loving and just plain gorgeous! We also have a Shih-Tsu.


My Pets UnderCon

In 2006 my wife wanted us to buy a static caravan but I wanted to buy a canal boat . We now have a caravan in Scorton which on the edge of the beautiful Trough of Bowland.

Holiday Home

During the non-winter months, I like to go walking with my camera and my dog Ruby. No great expeditions or anything, but a nice long walk up the West Pennines or the Trough of Bowland.


UnderCon UnderCon